8 reasons why you should run a blog in your online store

How to effectively generate traffic in the online store? There are a lot of answers on this question. The easiest way is to advertise and take care of SEO. But what should be done if we don’t have enough funds? The appropriate solution is running a blog that can measurably affect the development of the online store and its incomes. Is that the only advantage? Not at all! Here are 8 advantages of running a blog of your e-business. Probably some of them surprise you.

1) Basis of content marketing

Content is the king and conversation is the queen. It’s a fact. For content marketing the manor house are blogs.This is the easiest and most “graceful” way to share and distribute content, which we want to share with others. NOTE – it is not about the content of the type: “I made soup. It is delicious “- to such Internet exhibitionism much more useful are social medias (private profiles). We treat blogs 100% seriously. Let’s focus on blogs in e-commerce, aimed at increasing sales and customer loyalty. Well prepared and properly implemented content marketing strategy can affect these two aspects in a way, which is better than paid advertising. Example? Marcus Sheridan – manufacturer of backyard swimming pools – spends annually on advertising in radio, TV and PPC approx. $ 250’000. At some point, he decided to implement a very simple thing – a blog with answers to customer questions. Trivial, isn’t it? And brilliant in it’s simplicity! His text of the estimated cost of building a pool generated sales of his company at more than $ 1,7mln!

blog interaction ecommerce


2) (Inter)ACTION!

Why the Internet is such an exciting medium? You can identify two main features – speed and ease of reaching selected, the interesting information and the ability to interact and share your opinion on a specific topic. From the perspective of running a blog in e-commerce the second one is especially interesting. As we pointed out above, listening to the needs and concerns of customers may result in a significant increase in sales of the online store. Knowing opinions about products, customer service, or the functionality of the store, we can not only better adjust our offer to the expectations of customers, but it can also be a contribution to “propel” income through content marketing (see blog), or by entering with users in witty discussions. Listen, do not ignore, answer! The effects of such behavior and proper run of the blog in e-commerce can be extremely useful.

3) Be the expert in your field!

E-commerce without a blog, it’s only products. Perhaps unconventionally and interestingly described and well-exposed on the images, but however it’s still just products. Imagine that you walk into an electronics store. Seller is able to tell you about the product just as much as it is written on the packaging. Not very encouraging, isn’t it? And what if the seller summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the product, mention about the history of the manufacturer and describe what other customers thought about the product? Do you already know to which other purposes you can use a blog? With it you can develop a competitive advantage as a specialist in your field. The actual form, content and knowledge are a mixture that can inform, inspire and encourage…to shopping. Do you have a doubts, whether it is profitable? HubSpot research shows that marketers who treated the blog as a priority, have a 13x greater chance of getting a positive ROI.

traffic in the online store blog


4) The impact of writing a blog on online stores SEO
Blog in the online store can have a considerable impact on the position of your e-commerce in the results of search engines.Incorrect practice is to put your keywords in the text on the main page.This procedure breaks down design and is not encouraging from the perspective of the first impression of a potential customer. It is better to use keywords on the blog! A good copywriter will do it in a reader-friendly way, and Google robots willingly acquire such activity. They notice the constant activity of the page and pick the occurrence of individual phrases. In addition, blogging in e-commerce indexes subpages and you can use it to internal linking to products or categories. A great example is ColorsVibe e-store implemented by our agency (unfortunately, the blog is written by a client only in Polish language). In addition to the use of influencers in content creation (which increases its popularity), under the miniature of blogging posts on the main page there is a direct link to the product, about which is the text. What’s more – interesting content on the blog generate more external links. We are willing to share the content of “How to make a stunning make-up on New Year’s Eve” than “Lipstick XYZ”. To sum up – more organic traffic, the greater chance of profit! Blog is sa SEOpositive!
blog in ecommerce colorsvibe

5) Native advertising of your e-comerce

Native advertising takes the form of an integral part of the content (not to be confused with the sponsored article). Thanks to this it doesn’t bothers and is definitely more favorably accepted by the public. People more knowledgeable in the topic must forgive such a laconic definition. Display advertising generates an average of 0.17% CTR. In the case of native advertising statistics are much more promising. Blog is a place where you can combine information and promotion function of the content. If the text on the blog will not aggressively honking “We are great, we have a great product,” but will describe eg. a mountain expedition, during which it was used the equipment available in your store … voilà! Additionally, you can put links at the end of the article directly redirecting to products, which appeared in the text. It works!

6) E-motions

Storytelling – telling ain’t selling! With interesting, arouses emotions history, in which will appear references to our brand and products, we influence on the recipient to form in his consciousness specific feelings. The word creates reality – including that associated with the offer of e-commerce. Slogans “Buy it now” are good for CTA buttons, but not in the case of blog content. Here, engaging, inspiring stories are much better. Stories which sell and build loyalty – first, in relation to your blog, and then to the e-store…

7) Human face of e-business

A blog is also a great place to tell something about yourself. About the owner of e-commerce, his/her passions, maybe about family… That’s warms interactions with the customer. Thus, the user feels that he doesn’t buys from “Brand X”, but from Mrs. Caroline, an old friend who loves dogs, and also knows what she’s doing. Create your online store in a friendly atmosphere of the friendly cafe. Think of it not as the website, but the place where the guest wants to feel comfortable. This procedure will greatly enhance the image of your e-commerce and is a good marketing trick, which builds customer relationships.

8) Loyal reader…a loyal customer?

You produce valuable content. Users love to read your blog. You are telling interesting stories. Well, that is now all readers turn into customers! Unfortunately not…

Well-run company blog increases customer loyalty and engagement. “Social proof” contained on the blog allows you to build the image of a credible and reliable company. This is extremely important, isn’t it? It is thanks to that we are able to increase sell in e-commerce, and more importantly – keep the customers with you for months, perhaps even years.