10 tips how to gain customers’ trust in eCommerce

Are you running an e-shop? Low prices and wide range of products are your only method to attract customers? Have you ever analysed how customers perceive your eCommerce? Does it look safe enough to leave there your personal details and (of course) your money?

Imagine that you’re passing by an old, dusty shop. Gut feeling tells you to call there by. You struggle to open the creaking door, because the push/pull signs are nowhere to be seen. When you finally open it, you see dark, dank, messy room and a shop assistant who is focused on nail biting. How do you feel? Are you considering buying something there?

Let’s come back to reality. Think about your e-shop. Do you see the analogy? Fine feathers make fine birds and it’s also true in eCommerce.


budowanie zaufania w sklepie internetowym



Trying to combine technology with human nature can be difficult. However, when you get to know why people buy things, what makes them more trustful and what encourages them to make an order, you’ll have more power over their behaviour and emotions. Gaining customer’s trust is the greatest challenge in business, but it’s key factor to success. We want to make this process more comfortable for you, so we prepared an article about tips you can use to build trust in eCommerce.

1.Make your e-shop efficient and user friendly


In 2016 NetImperative.com presented an interesting infographic about the influence of design and page loading time on customer’s opinion.

Based on it, we know that:

  • every second of the loading time decreases the customers’ satisfaction about 7%


  • 65% of customers won’t wait longer than 3 seconds to get the page loaded


  • for 76% of users the most important thing on eCommerce page is easy usability


  • 93% of customers based their buying decisions on the e-shops’ design


  • 52% of clients leave e-shop (and never come back) if they don’t like the design


We can see that the proper design of e-store is a key factor in the buying process. By design we mean UX, graphics, but also the efficiency of site.

During designing your eCommerce keep in mind:

  • the speed of failure-free page loading. In that case the key element is efficient hosting, responsive to the platform on which it’s founded


  • the proper navigation- information structure, search engine, sorting and filtering. Make research and analyse your customers behaviours- their needs and expectations. Experienced UX designers are great help in that case. We’ve written about them here.


  • Simplicity of design. Don’t put too many pop-ups, bright colours or too complicated graphic elements. They only distract your customer from e-shop clue- products and path to purchase.


  • The proper placement of key e-store elements (search engine, basket, CTA buttons) and information (rules and regulations, help, FAQ)


  • The updated and high quality content on your eCommerce blog (read why you should run it)


2. Put your contact details


Econsultancy research show that 46% of 2,000 interviewees from UK buy only from e-shops that has their contact details stated in apparent place on their site. Customers are afraid that they’ll be tricked. The real, physical address, e-mail and phone number assure them that they can trust you. In case of any problems, they can call you or visit your shop. It’s also necessary when you’re using an omnichannel method. Your income in traditional shop can increase in order to the actions customers have taken online.

3. Safety eCommerce = Trustworthy eCommerce


bezpieczeństwo ecommerce


Customer won’t share their personal details with a strange company, especially when it doesn’t have any security certificate (SSL). Nowadays, having a secured e-shop is a “must have”. The eCommerces that don’t have one or have a fake one, don’t seem trustworthy at all. If you have that certificate, don’t forget to link the certification site to it. Even if only few people view it, it will be an extra security confirmation. Customer will be sure that he is totally safe on your site. Yankee Group Research conduct research that approved that. According to them 71% of customers demand logo of popular and trustworthy security certificate on the shop they’re buying from.

4. Quick help

Searching for the right product in different e-shops, customers often have many questions which can be a deciding factor in process of buying. Do you accept returns? Does delivery cost extra? What in case of loosing the package during the transport? The answers to that questions should be stated on your site very clearly. FAQ (frequently asked questions) or chat are good ideas to leave the customers without a doubt and also collect the data about them. Sujan Patel (co-owner of Web Profits agency) while working for one of the companies, has increased the conversion rate about 250% due to the changes that he made based on analysing over 1000 chats and answering to over 2000 inquiries.

5. Payment

The payment process customers is very stressful. Not only he is stressed about giving personal details (you can prevent it using solutions described in paragraph no.3), but there is also risk of extra costs, duty or even fee connected to transaction. You have to explain what will happen if the client clicks the “Buy now”button. Show him that the process of making order and paying is simple, clear and at no extra cost. It can be just a simple note on the page before the transaction and client will be safe&sound.

6. Reviews

Moz research show that 67% of customers read reviews on a product or service before making a purchase.Think about implementing reviews section. The best practise is to have them on a product page, while making decision user can see experiences of other customers and be encouraged by them.


The main disadvantage is that people are more likely to share bad experiences rather than the  good ones. How to make the positive more valuable than negative?

  • If the customer is happy about the purchase, encourage him to share this experience with others. For example, if he shares that review, he can get a small gift, coupon or discount.


  • You should invest in the special tools that monitor social media. Then you will be able to react to all the comments. That will help you build a long lasting relationship with your customers. These tools are very useful especially in medium and large eCommerce.


  • If the negative opinion is already out there, contact the customer that put that comment. Do it in public, but use the comment section to inform client that you’ll contact him privately. Remember, one negative comment has same value as a hundred of positive.


Most e-shop owners tend to focus only on the process leading to conversion. We ignore the consequences of purchase and that’s not smart because the image and reputation of the brand is the most important factor in building your brand. The development of eCommerce can’t be focused only on gaining new customers, but also on keeping in touch with current customers and on encouraging it to coming back. It’s the only way you can earn the loyal ambassadors of your brand- the most useful marketing tool.


7. The human nature of the e-shop


ludzka twarz biznesu internetowego


It’s common practise to use photos from free sources (stocks) rather than taking your own. Customers don’t like that. They take it as unoriginal and without character. Users browsing the Internet notice that many eCommerce have the same design or even same photos. And that can be the beginning of the end for your e-store. Customers prefer brands that are showing their true colours. Be creative, but remember to invest in high quality photos of products, company owners and employees. Show that your e-store is created by real people, not just computer system. If you use a live chat, put there a photo of your employee. He won’t feel ignore, what can happen when you use a chatbot.

8. Social media presence

The Y generations (millennials) has spending power worth $200 billion and $5 billion of it, is in eCommerce. If you encourage them to buy from you, it will make huge impact on your income. However they won’t make a purchase in a questionable, low quality shop. Why? Because the Internet is their natural habitat and they know that they have hundreds of other e-stores where they can buy things.

They spend huge part of their lives online and know internet inside out. They aren’t under influence of the traditional advertising techniques. If they once buy something from you, it is not certain that they’ll ever come back. The main thing that encourages them to make a purchase is the opinion of their peers. They exchange them in social media, so you have to be there to build long lasting relations with them. Start with describing your target-their needs and characteristics.Then prepare the proper advertising materials, create a communication strategy and be patient. Building brand and the relationships with social media users is a long and tedious process, but it’s worth it.


9. Show your products

Your shop is well designed, community is growing, but the conversion rate is still low. Think about your products. Are they showed in a compelling way? Customers want to be aware of the quality of products they’re buying. It’s why detailed descriptions and high quality pictures are “must have”. The 360 photos and videos are great to show the function and quality of your items, but also give the impression that you’re up to date with the newest technology.


10. Show that your eCommerce have important goal

Show people that you believe in what you do. The simple list of products won’t encourage anyone, but your history and values can. You can run a blog, vlog or the inspiration page with the examples of using your product. Engage in pro bono initiatives which can develop your company image. You can support e.g education, environment or many other types of social ations. By that you show that you aren’t only focus on making money.

The conclusion

The successful eCommerce can’t be build in one day. That has to be done by hard work, sacrifices and endless development of your ideas. However the implementation of these tips will be a great help in that. So what are you waiting for?