Instagram for eCommerce

Instagram- love it or hate it, but for sure include it in your eCommerce marketing strategy. Nowadays, it’s a must have, especially for online shops specialising in sport, fashion or FMCG industry. Instagram’s community has grown to more than 700 million monthly active users and is still getting bigger. However, its potential in online shops marketing is still underestimated, even though the data show that it’s 60 times more engaging than Facebook. We wrote this article to help you master in the art of visual communication that has been loved by customers all around the world.

Instagram for online shop- basics

Creating Instagram account is childishly easy. You just need your e-mail address or phone number, your first name, surname and a password. It’s better to change your account mode  from private to business, because it’ll give you access to useful tools such as statistics. Now your account’s ready. I told you it’s really simple, didn’t I? :) Let’s move to the next part- your profile personalisation.

Instagram- logowanie




  • Profile photo

The first essential thing is your profile photo. It has to make a good impression and bring to mind your brand. The simplest solution are often the best, so just use your logo (size 110x110px). The other option is to show a characteristic product or a photo of owner. However, doing it can be pretty risky, because customer don’t get a chance to familiarize yourself with your visual theme.


  • Bio

On Instagram account there is a place for bio and link as well. Bio have to be less than 155 characters. It should briefly describe your company. Present yourself in a compelling and attractive way and you’ll gain new customers. A good idea is to put call to action at the end of your bio. It can be just short phrase ‘Buy now’ or ‘Go to shop’. That encourages users to react and visit your eCommerce site. You have also space for link, but it doesn’t have to get customers to your landing page. It can take them to more specific section, particular product or interesting article on your blog. The ability to put link is very helpful when you post picture about sale or any other discount. You just have to put in a copy phrase: ‘link in bio’ and it’ll be extremely easy to find the special offer.


Konto na Instagramie


Taiwan Gun Instagram profile run by More Bananas agency.


  • Strategy

Before you enter creative flow and start to generate engaging content, you have to plan Instagram strategy. Ask yourself a question: what do I want to achieve, but don’t forget about SMART method. Then, think about your target. It’s profitable to come up with your buyer persona that will help you analyse needs and desires of your potential customers. You will know how to get to them with your products. To create persona you need more answers… Is this a woman or a man? What age is he/she? Where does he/she live? What is he/she interested in? What is his/her goal when he/she visits your e-shop? Based on that knowledge you can take next step- create your communication style.

Get to know Instagram algorithm

Instagram has special algorithm that sorts out what user will see in their newsfeed. It is based on many different factors. The knowledge of them is essential for a person who is promoting eCommerce. If you get that know-how you’ll be able to escalate your brand visibility, boost an engagement around particular product, what will have a huge impact on your conversion from marketing Instagram at the end.

There was time when Instagram focused on chronological content distribution. However, it was ineffective and hindering, so there was more effective system implemented. That had an enormous effect on content visibility.

The new algorithm focus on analysing factors like:

  • popularity of photo/video
  • interactions with other accounts
  • time of the publication
  • kind of content
  • hashtags that describes photos
  • amount of time users spend on viewing particular post


What can you do to make your eCommerce more visible on Instagram


Knowing how the system of displaying photos on Instagram works, think about what are the elements that make communication on this platform successful.


  • Regularity

The most important thing is to post regularly high quality content. This is why you should create a plan of its distribution in the beginning. If you post irregularly chaotic and half-baked content, you will never achieve your goal.


  • Visual aspect of your eCommerce Instagram

Instagram is based on visual communication, so you have to take care of high quality photos and videos. Hiring graphic designer or photograph isn’t essential, but you shouldn’t use photos from free sources. They aren’t prepared for Instagram, so they look really bad in that characteristic shape. Additionally, many other brands use it what makes you unoriginal in customers’ eyes. The really good solution is to use free, online graphic programs like: Canva, Pixlr or Photoshop Express. You can create graphics and edit your high quality photos (taken by reflex camera or smartphone) in them. While scrolling newsfeed, your future customer rarely stops to analyse specific post, so it’s really good idea to have a characteristic visual identification. It can be your logo, special colour or graphic motive. That will make it obvious which brand has published it.


  • Content

You already know how to publish, so let’s move to what include in your content. The truth is that the worst thing is boredom and that shouldn’t happen. Ideas for interesting content are endless! The photos of products, the photos of items in action, videos about creating your products, backstage from photo shoots- these are only some examples. The best place to find inspirations is Instagram itself. During scrolling through newsfeed, you can find many ideas that can lead you to creation of outstanding content for your online shop.


  • Influencers in service to eCommerce.

In a blink of an eye random people became famous on the strength of beautiful photos they posted on Instagram. This phenomenon made influencer marketing very popular and profitable. Influencer marketing is the collaboration of brands and people who have a huge community of followers. Rules of that partnership can differ, but often it’s about giving free products to a person that will promote it. That’s one of the most effective ways of eCommerce promotion, because user identifies yourself with an influencer more than with a traditional celebrity, so mindlessly with a product that he/she promotes. That situation has been also profitable for brands, because they can spend less money on advertising simultaneously achieving same or even better effect. The data show that 65% of the most effective post on Instagram are photos of products and 29% are photos of ambassadors/influencers. Influencers have the power!


Ludzie pozujacy do zdjecia


  • Contests and building long lasting relationships with customers

Contests on Instagram help you boost your followers engagement and gain new ones.What’s more the rules aren’t as strict as on Facebook. Use ‘repost’, come up with a fancy hashtag that can be used by your customers, encourage clients to take photos with your products (and tell them to tag you). Coming up with ideas for contests isn’t that hard! All that fuss about it will make your online store more recognisable.


  • Hashtags

Hashtags make communication on Instagram smooth. They divide content into groups what makes it easier for user to find what he needs. You have to make sure that hashtags you use are connected only to what your eCommerce sells. Sometimes it takes only one hashtag to change a target group. Most of communication specialists believe that the best reach have the posts with 10-15 hashtags. Test, check, analyse and you’ll find out which ones best suit you.


  • Time

The publishing time is one of the most significant factor. It makes a huge effect on the amount of interactions with a post. When is the best time to share? The answer isn’t clear-cut. The research show that the best time to publish is from 8 to 9.00 am and in the evening- we scroll our newsfeed when we commute to work or go to sleep. The dead are working hours and time from 3-5 pm when we get back from work to home. However, it’s necessary to remember that every business is different, so the best thing to do is to analyse statistics that are available on Instagram. Sharing at different time and on various days, will help you notice when your posts reach the biggest audience.

The interesting fact is that algorithm takes into account viewing time of each post. It means that if the user suddenly stops on your photo, algorithm take it as something valuable and worth showing to others. So you should create content that will be unobvious. McDonald’s’ campaign is a great example of that. By correlating their products with everyday objects they created amazing and surprising compositions that generated many positive reactions.


In conclusion, Instagram is cool! :) Why? The answer is simple- high reach, simplicity of using and building engagement, high conversion rate. However having said that it all happens in a blink of an eye it’s a lie. Plan your strategy carefully and make taking photos of products and events your daily habit. Our article it’s only introduction to the process of creating ‘perfect Instagram profile’, but we are convinced that if you follow our tips you’ll master in the art of Instagram.