Hosting / PrestaShop server – WAYNET’s new service

During our recent conversations with online shops owners, we noticed that they all have same problem- they can’t find proper hosting for PrestaShop eCommerce.

We realised that they are right. This task isn’t as simple as we’d believed. E-shops, that are based on PrestaShop platform, demand reliable, efficient and properly configured server support, in order to bear extended features of PrestaShop platform. And it’s not so easy to find one.

In our eCommerce agency WAYNET we listen not only our customers, but also the whole PrestaShop community. This is why, we decided to introduce a new service – PrestaShop hosting.

Currently over 40 of our customers are using our hosting. Among them you can find online shops like Reporter Young, Patrizia Aryton, Taranko, or Botland.

What is the right PrestaShop hosting?


I know what you’re thinking: ’ 40 e-shops that’s not much’. That’s true, but we prefer to put on quality, not quantity. We don’t want to create only a storage for e-shops. We want to provide your online shop not only a place on server, but also extended support, which include configuration, efficiency, stability and safety assistance. We want you to be able to contact us anytime and reaching our agency through customer service or inquiry form is insufficient and scunty way. Instead, you will be given a specially trained assistant who will take care of all your second thoughts and concerns.


A clear-cut answer to the question about right hosting for PrestaShop, doesn’t exist. Every eCommerce is unique and demands individual approach. We want to get to know all specifics of your eCommerce, in order to provide: scaling, proper hardware configuration for application needs, its code optimisation and adjustment to the environment, where the application will be running.

Every customer, who decide to enjoy our hosting service, will be given auto-renewable SSL certificate, back-up, access to authorization rules e.g. FTP and server adjustment to the real needs of your PrestaShop online store.

 Apart from that, we also use the newest, stable MySQL 5.7.x, PHP 7.x, Nginx 1.10+, HTTP/2. These technologies, combined with the use of OVH server back up, guarantee 99.6% e-shop availability with full data protection.


What do you get within PrestaShop eCommerce hosting service?


  • Dedicated VPS server that uses OVH resources. Full stability, speed and security. Its technical parameters will be adjusted specifically for your e-shop requirements.
  • A specially trained specialist and technical support. You don’t have to call hotline, or use contact form, you will just call your assistant.
  • Full configuration. Server adjustment especially for your eCommerce needs- we’ll upload files, database and security script.
  • Automatic backup. Security copy of your e-store will be done every 12 hours and, if needed, it can be restored during 2 working hours.
  • Reasonable price-quality ratio – starting at 49 Euro per month



  • auto-renewable SSL certificate
  • HSTS



  • DNS Primary&Slave
  • Scalability
  • Load Balancing


Safe e-mail:

  • SPF
  • autoconfiguration of Thunderbird and Outlook



  • HTTP/2
  • CDN
  • service configuration and adjustment just for your e-shop


If you want to know more about our hosting, don’t hesitate to contact us!