How to choose a chat for your online shop?

Competition in eCommerce industry is huge. That’s why every element of your e-shop is extremely important. Even small thing can overbalance a customer decision whether or not he will make a purchase.

 eCommerce owners and managers are constantly trying to make their e-shop more comfortable and functional for users. They want to stand out from competitors. Having simply a chat in eCommerce is nothing special, everyone has it. BUT it can become your most powerful weapon in a fight for customers’ attention. You have to decide, which one you’ll use and what strategy will you implement.

In this article, we’ll analyse 6 popular eCommerce chats. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide which one best suits you, however we’re convinced that our text’ ll help you with that demanding task. It’s worth reading the whole article, because at the end we provide a short guide on how to and why use chat in eCommerce. Enjoy reading!


1) Sales Widget

SalesWidget logo


That one can’t be missed, because it was directly designed for eCommerce businesses. What does it mean? Its functions are modified in order to fulfil all e-shop needs, just like improving customer service, or collecting data that can be helpful in eCommerce development. It’s great also as a tool to increase users engagement. What does Sales Widget offer? 

  • Ability to get to know your customer- during a real time conversation, you get users’ personal details such as: their location, IP address and information about what search engine do they use.
  • Easy integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms, just like PrestaShop ;)
  • Sales Widget follows customers’ journey in your e-shop, so you can adjust your  customer service and make it more effective. Based on research, you can also develop your e-shop UX.
  • Extended (analysation) functions that will show you your customers behaviour and their shopping decision. Widget collects data and you can take care of your eCommerce optimisation.
  • Trigger system that makes it possible to automatically send messages after particular customer’s action in online shop.
  • SalesWidget has also extended function of making research. It is done through surveys that you create by yourself.
  • The most special SalesWidget feature is Sales Automation. It allows you to plan sales process and to make it automatic. You can also choose your chat look.

 SalesWidget and its features are impressive, especially when you want to know your customers in a deeper level. SalesWidget has offers for businesses in every size.You can choose a free package, however the premium version, for unlimited number of employees, starts just at $39. All offers have unlimited system features.

2) Zendesk Chat (firstly it was called Zopim)


Zendesk chat logo

Easy usability and simple, friendly interface are features that make this chat so popular around the world. It’s pretty and nice, but these are not the only features that we want our chat to have. So what does Zendesk Chat offer?

  • Trigger system that allows you to start interactions with customers. Chat with a proper text message will pop up automatically if customer takes/doesn’t take particular action. Conditions on which that happens, can be chosen from many options offer by Zendesk. Example? If your customer is at the checkout for longer that 30 seconds, chat will automatically show up.
  • Very minimalistic (what unfortunately makes it quite poor) customer monitoring system that is useful for customer service.
  • The ability to adjust an appearance of chat.
  • Complex analysis of conversations with customers
  • Simple ticket system that joins different forms of communication with customers.

 Unfortunately, in Lite (free) version, we won’t have some of the features described above. You can explore full ability of Zendesk when you subscribe an Advanced plan for $14 (monthly for one user) and a Premium one for $29. The free version is recommended for eCommerce beginners and the Premium one should be suitable for every eCommerce business.


3) Smartsupp

Smartsupp logo

One of the classic chats with interesting features. Stable, simple in use. How can it improve your online shop or b2b eCommerce platform?

  • Ability to monitor every step of your customers (cursor tracking)
  • Application integration with smartphones – the ability to help client in any time.  
  • Adjustment of chat design to visual theme of your e-business (colour, text, location of it).
  • Ability to send messages automatically to users after they fulfil particular conditions.
  • Integration with Google Analytics that measure effectiveness of Smartsupp implementation

 Free version offers many functions and access to every Smartsupp feature you can have for one employee for only $19 per month in annual settlement (STANDARD version that doesn’t have only a few of all features is for $8 per month). We really like that analytical part with customers’ behaviour recording. $19 per month isn’t high price, even for business beginners (you don’t have to drink another one coffee at Starbucks ;) ) and features that Smartsupp offers are absolutely worth it.


4) logo

The main advantage of this chat is that it’s completely free! Hard to believe in? It’s true is totally free tool for eCommerce, but what about its features?

  •  You can adjust its look to your e-shop layout. In that case, the only paid function is deleting logo, the rest is up to you.
  • Automatic triggers that help keep your customers and engage them.
  • Division into departments that take care of specific inquiry.
  • Tag system and files transfer.
  • Unlimited number of employees who can use chat.
  • Calendars and mail notifications.
  • Geolocalization connected with IP number.
  • Communication through emoji.
  • Good enough analytic tool

 Is that all? Not by a long shot – has very wide functional offer. Chat is still being developed to fulfil all needs of eCommerce owners. Taking into account that this chat is free, we recommend you to just try it and find out how (or if) it can help you with online shop.


5) JivoChat  

JivoChat logo


The first thing that sticks out is chat’s aesthetics – subtle, elegant style (that doesn’t mean that chat isn’t visual!). Don’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s judge it by content. What does JivoChat offers?

  • Adjustment to all search engines, systems and mobile devices.
  • Automatic triggers.
  • Ability to hold many conversations at the same time.
  • Displaying user’s profile in real time ( the amount of visits on site, social media profiles, localization and a source of his visit).
  • Analytic dashboard for checking support effectiveness.
  • Collecting data from particular subpages and users that are on them.
  • Integration with other communication channels from your brand. 

 JivoChat leaves great impression. Its free version allows 5 customers’ service employees use it and unfortunately that’s all… To use all its features, you have to invest $10 for every supporter ( in annual settlement). The free application is just a simple chat, but if you pay, you’ll have in your hands a powerful tool. Is it worth it? You should definitely try Professional version (first two weeks are for free) and then make a decision yourself.


6) LiveChat   


LiveChat logo

What makes LiveChat worth to try is an easy integration with many popular tools used in eCommerce. Apart from that that application is very intuitive and childishly simple. Live Chat has a wide features offert. Let’s describe the most interesting ones:

  • Ticket system helps in completing complex tasks
  • Huge amount of tools for online shops (direct users targeting from many sources, setting targets, sales information)
  • Collecting users data and processing them in analytic panel.
  • System of automatic notifications with suggestions for clients.
  • “Lightness” of this tool. It doesn’t make your online shop slow.
  • Huge amount of external integrations with systems and tools, that provide a possibility of customer service automatisation.

We really recommend trying this chat for 30 days for free. After that time you can buy Regular version ($30 for month for an employee in annual settlement) and access to all feature is available in Enterprise version ($50 for month for an employee in annual settlement). 

Why do you need chat in eCommerce?

Chat in online shop is an essential tool not only to improve your customer service, but also to add human nature to your eCommerce business. How and what for should you use this tool?


  1. Cross-selling – use it reasonably… 

Imagine that you’re in traditional shop. You haven’t even closed door when shop assistant asks  ‘ how can I help you?’. Annoying, isn’t it? Let’s move to another situation. You decided to buy a laptop and a checkout assistant suggests buying smart TV as well.That’s weird. How to avoid making same mistake in online shop? Don’t be pushy. Display one automatic message in chat that tells customer if he wants your help, he knows where to find it. Are there any situations when you should react and start conversation with customer? 

You should react when potential customer freezes in place that is crucial for making a purchase. Maybe one of the checkout element is too complicated or there are some problems with processing into next step? Offer your assistance.

Cross-selling makes sense only when you offer something that is beneficial from customer perspective. Someone is buying a laptop? Amazing! Suggest him a mouse, an external hard drive or a special bag. It’s worth to include short copy that justifies why client needs this extra things.


2)  Priceless feedback

Perfect eCommerce doesn’t exist. Find out what customers think about your e-shop. What do they enjoy and what should you improve? Chat can be perfect for finding out this things. Place call-to-action button on product card- encourage customers to share their opinions about your e-shop. You won’t loose anything, rather gain valuable feedback.


3) Make professional, but “human” contact with customers

Show your true face. Don’t send millions of autogenerated messages. Employees that take care of eCommerce chat have to know your products and e-shop in and out. They should behave in a professional way, should willing to give customers all necessary information and be friendly and open to all inquiries. If you take care of all that aspects, the final image of your eCommerce  will become much more better and customers will come back to it with positive attitude.


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