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When the brand, for which we realize online store, has over 25 years of tradition in providing information technology, and also cooperates with the aces of the market as Dell ™, we know that it is incumbent on us a responsibility. Advanced IT solutions dedicated to companies and institutions require advanced implementation of B2B e-commerce. Today we are already sure that we have met this challenge. To be honest? We didn’t have any doubts about this.

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Servus Comp from the beginning with open arms greeted modern solutions.

25 years ago, the IT market in Poland just develop and was "unfamiliar territory" for business. Only the truly courageous visionaries entered on this path. One of them was the owner of Servus Comp - a company that continues to grow and follows the spirit of the time. Currently partner Dell ™ has offices in Krakow, Warsaw and Debica, being consistently one of the leading providers of advanced IT solutions for companies and institutions. At the time, in which the majority of customers began to shop not in the “brick and mortar” shops, but through the Internet, Servus Comp decided to start their adventure with ecommerce. The existing e-shop was not enough - the market is constantly changing and evolving, as well as profiles and expectations of consumers. It is time for a radical change, which was entrusted to carry out by our agency.

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Useful e-commerce in B2B edition

Highly specialized products offered by our client, are directed primarily to representatives of companies, universities, government offices and other institutions that need a stable and efficient IT solutions. Before starting work on a new store, we wanted to know in depth the user behavior of Servus Comp online store. In the B2B shopping does not stand COMPANIES but PEOPLE who only acting on their behalf. Our UX specialists carried out an expert audit on hitherto functioning online store by cognitive walkthrough and heuristic analysis, and performed analysis of the movements of users on the site. As a result, we found out which of the old solutions have operated satisfactorily and which had to be improved to increase conversion in the e-shop. We designed the structure of the information which was perfectly suited to the Servus Comp requirements, as well as - and perhaps above all - the expectations of their clients. With a renewed design, the store gained transparency and modern image.

Functionalities of the new store step-by-step

Servus Comp is not only products, but also constantly expanding range of services. We decided to expose it on the home page in the dynamic version, requiring from the user to enter in the interaction. Preliminary information about the service, are extended with the necessary details after clicking on the CTA "See more" - thanks to that, e-commerce has not lost on readability, or the amount of information that the client could expect.

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Expanded products filter

Due to the amount of products and a variety of customer requirements, we have developed an extensive ability of filtering products. From now you can narrow the list of servers due to: price, quantity and type of processors, ram, and the type, size and capacity of the hard disk.

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Advanced servers creator

The flagship solution used in the implementation of an online store for Servus Comp is an advanced configurator allows customers to adapt the product to the needs of their company or institution. The user can select almost every element of the ordered product. During customization, the customer sees the indicative price. After selection, the customer can directly download a full specification of the product in PDF format. Individual order is sent to the customer service, which contacts with the client in advance to arrange and complete the transaction - this is a good practice in companies offering highly advanced products. The whole project was implemented in the RWD on the PrestaShop 1.6 platform. Thanks to UX researches, the appropriate information structure, modern design and the advanced functionalities, online store is fully adapted to the specifics of B2B Internet sales. We say "SERVUS" to another successful implementation. See online

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