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Maxcom Inc. is a dynamically growing company producing and distributing telecommunication devices with over 15 years of experience on the market. Maxcom is currently one of the European leaders in the sale of traditional telephones, mobile and phones accessories. Their products are available in over 20 countries of the Old Continent. The company's flagship products are phones for seniors, people practicing extreme sports and working in difficult circumstances. The aim of the project was to refresh the company's image in the net by implementing a highly functional, clear and professional online store with Maxcom telecommunication devices.

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Maxcom prestashop online store main site

The maximum usability of an online store

The Maxcom online store had to respond not only to the expectations of customers, but also to present itself in a proper way to potential investors who would like to buy shares of the company. We started our work from requirements gathering workshops, analyzing competition and creating key customer personas. The next step was to prepare the information architecture of the online store by preparing a detailed site map, followed by the designing mock-ups and graphics. Due to the variety of Maxcom customer profiles, we had to take into account the various needs of each of them.

Based on completed work in the field of User Experience and graphic design, we have started the implementation of the entire online store on the PrestaShop platform combined in part by API with CMS WordPress.

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Home page of the Maxcom online store

The Maxcom online store website is built on CMS PrestaShop and WordPress. Thanks to this, we have obtained the effect of easily editable tiles, which are easy to change by the store manager. From the position of the top menu, we can go to the most important categories of the website and the store. It is worth paying attention to the developed category of "products", which we have equipped with intuitive icons, making it easier to find the accessory you are interested in.

Product card and model comparison engine

Due to the nature of the industry and the desire to stand out from the template eCommerce implementation, the product card in the Maxcom online store has been almost 100% created from scratch. For the untrained eye, it is almost impossible to determine the base platform on its basis. Description of the most important features of the product, topped with high quality photos is not everything. The product card is also equipped with tabs with detailed specification, individual gallery and product FAQ. What is more it contains contact form and model documentation, which can be downloaded in a PDF file and the option of ordering product at stationary store. The Maxcom online store has a model comparison engine, which makes it easier for customers to choose a phone that suits their needs.

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Changes in the back-office of the e-store

In addition to the implemented facilitations related to the change of elements of the main website of the Maxcom online store, we introduced the author's product card editor. It has been divided into fully customizable sections, the positions of which can be freely changed. This helps matching the appearance and content of the product card to the characteristics of specific phone model or electronic accessory.

It is also worth noting that the store currently operates in 6 language versions, and in the future it will also be directed to customers from other countries where you can now buy Maxcom products.

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Effect? Professionalism in every inch.

The result of our work is a fully professional online store created for the needs of the Maxcom joint-stock company. It responds to the needs and expectations of all customer groups and potential company investors. The unique design and dedicated eCommerce PrestaShop functionalities emphasize the company's momentum and specialization, creating a new face of the company in the network. You can see the effect of our work HERE

Our work in three words

Professional online store