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The progressive digitalisation of the book market in Sweden require modern solutions in the field of e-commerce. Inhabitants of the country from Northern Europe love e-books and audiobooks, and the company SASKA, in cooperation with our agency, decided to meet their expectations and needs. We introduce e-bookstore dedicated to the Swedish market - online store integrated with Elib platfrom, offering electronic versions of books. Every month, more than 35% of Swedes purchasing online. In 2014, they spend in the web more than 6 billion EUR, and the market for e-commerce in the Baltic country does not even think to slow down. Among the most popular products purchased by the Scandinavians, leaders are clothes, shoes and ... books! It is no wonder that the SASKA focused precisely on that last, using additionally high interest in electronic books.

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implementation of swedish online bookstore prestashop saska

How to be efficience in Scandinavia

Before starting implementation of the e-shop, our specialists learned about Swedish ecommerce market, the profile of users, the most effective graphic solutions and utilities. We became acquainted also with book market in Sweden. During the requirements gathering workshops, carried out with the SASKAs owner, we established the target group and analyzed the specific features of e-commerce in Sweden, including the legal and business aspects. Thanks to in-depth research, we can now say that the Scandinavian ecommerce industry is well known to us, and more importantly .... we realy like it! Our UX department created the persona of key clients, maps, wireframes and information architecture of the online store. At the same stage our graphics department prepared the SASKAs logo and worked on the graphic identification of the e-store.

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Noble minimalism for maximum efficiency

With which company you associate Sweden? With Ikea? Good observation - Swedes appreciate simplicity and functionality. We took this into account when creating the bookstore, providing e-shop with a unique, minimalist design and lots of functional treatments that facilitate the use of the store and ultimately support the conversion of e-commerce. On the home page we put elaborate slider. Solution outdated in online stores? Firstly - it depends on the nature of e-commerce, and in taht case, this statement would be completely unjustified. We used elements suggesting scrolling images and product descriptions, which intuitively induces to enter the interaction with the e-bookstore. We put the shaded piece of the next slide and clear arrows to scroll. Thanks to this slider perfectly fulfills its function - the visibility of e-books and audiobooks which SASKA wants to sell. It may be promotions, best sellers, news or e-books with the highest margin.

Online store convenient for the user

Below we presented values stemming from the services of SASKA and a thematic list, international bestsellers and award-winning writers. An additional facility for users is an information about accessible version of the book, immediately after moving the cursor on the cover. The user does not have to go to the top of the website in order to familiarize with the offer. We used icons referring to offers of audio and e-books just above the footer. We simplified navigation by putting up only three categories of menu - e-books, audio books, and newsletter category. This has ensured transparency of the site and the ease of getting around it, without loss of efficiency.

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implementation e-bookstore saska prestashop

Easy shopping to ensure the success of e-commerce

Product card contains a description and review of electronic books and the ability to download a free sample text. In addition, product cards is equipped in social media icons, through which it is possible to share the product in e.g Facebook. This is not the end of facilities that have an impact on the final conversion. At the bottom of the product card we created a link to an alternate version of the book. Thus, the user, who can not decide on the format, does not need to pass the entire path again - just one click - that is enough!

modules for ecommerce bookstore Prestashop

Maximally simplified chceckout

Is this the end of facilities? Not at all! After adding products to the cart, automatically displays a list of best-sellers, which is designed to support sales and increase average order value in the e-shop. After deciding to purchase, displays maximally simplified check-out, and the finalization of the purchase needs to be completed in only two rubrics! What is important - the transaction does not require an account.Thanks to the integration with Elib system, which is a leading provider of IT solutions for the publishing market, SASKA have stable access to a huge number of items dedicated for bookshops. Implementation of e-shop on PrestaShop platform, allows seamless integration and use of all necessary functionalities for ecommerce. Online bookstore is integrated with the PayPal payment system. Why? Swedes carry out transactions on the Internet almost exclusively through payment cards and “online wallets”. Online shop has been implemented in the RWD version, what guarantees full usability on all mobile devices and desktop. See online

Our work in three words

Swedes love SASKA