Running an online store without measuring and testing its key elements, is like driving with closed eyes – you rely only on intuition. E-commerce market is in constant motion, so you should make sure that you are going safely and with appropriate speed straight to the goal.

This confident can be achieved through comprehensive audits, which examine all the relevant elements of your e-shop – its usability, responsiveness, safety, adjusting for SEO,
the technical and legal requirements, which should be met.

From our offer you can choose only the audits that you are interested in or have a comprehensive overview of e-business carried out by a team of our professionals and partners.


user experience audyt agencja ecommerce
ecommerce audyt użyteczności


Usability audits:

UX audit has one, fundamental goal – to show what needs to be done to your online store or B2B platform for better convertion. Audit of UI/UX is the first step on the road to increase the efficiency of e-business.

The service includes:

– Starting or appropriate configuration of Google Analytics

– Implementation of tools for creating heat and click maps (Usability Tools)

– Recording a user visits

– Qualitative research – survey system capable of providing answers to questions, which should rankle you the most – what your customers need? How do they buy? Why they abandon shopping cart?

– Online tests with users

– Competitive analysis

The final report, which consists of all the data and analyzes, and a set of specific guidelines for change and development your online store. The entire report will be discussed during a collectively meeting or AN online chat.

Developed audit you can implement independently or in cooperation with us.

Continuation of the e-commerce usability audit, may be comprehensive re-design of your store and a process of continuous conversion optimization.

If you need more detailed information about usability audits, don’t hesitate – contact us!


Technical audit:

The efficient functioning of the online store is an important piece of the puzzle known as the “image of the seller”, which gives expression in reliance on e-shop and the number of orders.

Some e-commerce agencies implement projects for their clients in an incomplete or imperfect way. The consequences of such actions are errors or gaps in the code, which shall immediately be repaired and replaced.

Another, periodically appearing situation is slowing down store operation. These, and all other potential problems can reveal a detailed technical audit of e-commerce.

Within the audit we:

– verify the quality of the source code

– identify any errors in the code and communication with the database

– will conduct functional tests (login and ordering process, the operation of the installed modules, e-mail notifications)

– verify correct operation of integrated systems

If you have a feeling or belief that your store can and should work more efficiently, please contact us!

We can make for you a technical audit, which indicate potential problems and suggest solutions. The audit you will be able to implement independently or in cooperation with our IT department.


Marketing audit

To paraphrase the old, known adage – “marketing is leveraged of trade”. Some entrepreneurs are investing in this lever so much energy, time and money that the bar is on the verge of breaking … and the effects are negligible or even none. The recipe is a systemic approach, which can oil the entire marketing machinery and optimize its performance, thus saving your forces and resources which you can spent inefficiently.

Our marketing audit checks, which modes of marketing system are broken, which ones need to be repaired, which should be added, and which needed only meticulous care.

During the audit we:

– analyze your marketing strategy

– check the effectiveness of different traffic sources (social media, SEO / SEM, external sources)

– trace marketing activities of the competitiors

– suggest changes in marketing communication

– suggest appropriate communication tools and channels, tailored to your business

– analyze the content marketing strategy of your e-shop and suggest possible changes

The summary of our activities will be a detailed report, which will include recommendations for changes that affect on sales and image of your e-commerce. The rest is in your hands, but we will help you handle the challenge!

Contact us and together we will discuss the details.

Mobile audit

More than half of the traffic in the e-commerce is generated by mobile devices. Is your e-business properly prepared to that?

The mobile audit will examine the usefulness, transparency and responsiveness of your e-commerce on mobile devices. By using analytical tools we will make the evaluation of the structure of information, ease of purchase and complete the forms using a smartphone or tablet. The implementation of audit recommendations will positively affect on the position of your online store in a Google search (rewarding responsive web design), prevent the loss of customers using the Internet via mobile devices and will affect on the positive perception of the company as a modern brand, which cares about the comfort and needs of its customers .

The instructions contained in the audit you can implement alone or in cooperation with our graphics, UX and IT departments, which will guarantee the proper implementation of RWD e-commerce.


SEO audits:

High position of your online store in search results is one of the pillars of effective e-commerce marketing.

Are you worry about low rates of visits in your e-shop? Are you not satisfied with the effects of current SEO / SEM actions? Or maybe you are planning to implement an online store on a new website?

In each of these cases, we recommend SEO audits for e-commerce, which we will prepare for you with the Deva Group – Google Certified Partner with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

We will test your online shop in every aspect that affects on its position and visibility in the search engine!

By the implementation of detailed guidance from the audit, organic traffic in your e-store will increase, and thus, you can count on a significant increase of sales and recognition in the Internet! In addition, you optimize your business in Google’s advertising system, gaining confidence that your message gets to the right people, really interested in the offer of your online store.


Legal audit

Let the law will always be on the side of your e-business! Together with the law office, which specializes in the law of Internet, we will prepare the audit, which will make you sure that all of your actions in e-commerce are legal.

We will examine the forms, conditions and privacy policy of your store, analyze the purchasing process, and product information pages. By implementing the recommendations contained in a detailed summary of the audit, the stress associated with legal responsibility will never interfere with your sleep. Thanks to the realization of the audit you also get a certificate, confirming your fairness in the Internet.