Mobile e-commerce is a necessary solution for companies that want to exist in today’s e-business. More than 25% of the funds spent in online stores came from transactions made via mobile devices, and in the Western Europe more than 50% of the traffic in e-shops is generated by the mobile browsers.

Mobile channels are the undisputed future of e-commerce. Adapting your online shop to the requirements of mobile devices, not only affects the sales, but it is also an important part of building a omnichannel strategy. Smartphone or tablet is more and more often the first device, which is used by customers on their way to the checkout line.

Within the e-commerce mobile services, we offer:

– RWD design and researches (analysis of user behavior and preferences using advanced tools Usability Tools and implementation of responsive design)

– RWD audits for e-commerce

– dedicated mobile app’s (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

– creation and implementation of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy using mobile e-commerce