Online shops have ceased to be the extension of a “brick-and-mortar” company. The brands success is not about driving sales in many channels, but perfecting them into one efficient and customer friendly sales system. By implementing a OmniChannel strategy, your brick-and-mortar shop, online store and mobile e-commerce apps will work in symbiosis, providing complete services to your customer, regardless of the sales channel he/she will use.

Within the framework of OmniChannel, we:

– prepare a strategy of OmniChannel retail

– will develop and implement appropriate solutions to e-commerce, which will support sales off-line

– implement a system of returns and personal receipts in stationary stores, the products ordered on-line

– design a dedicated system and mobile applications, complementing the OmniChannel activities

– will integrate loyalty programs and ERP/CRM systems

– create dedicated applications for pop-up retail actions