Websites selling only through the “nice” graphics, are gone forever. Their place was taken by “websites for special tasks”. Graphics and webpage design should not only “enjoy the eye,” but also lead them in a carefully planned way, directly to the virtual checkout.

Our online shops, realized for demanding and challenging clients, owe their success to careful UX researches, on the basis of which they were created. We do not believe in tastes and premonitions, we believe in hard indicators and data!

We design based on the market analysis and research of consumer needs, with an emphasis on usability and effectiveness of created online stores. Experience from the implementation of B2B and B2C projects made for different industries, we equipped in the innovative solutions tailored to the characteristics of the client.

Within the UX services we offer:

– experts audit made in cognitive walkthrough method

– heuristic analysis

– competitor analysis

– website examination based on the heat maps

– click tracking

– session recording

– conversion optimizing

– information architecture design

– creating e-commerce maps and key-customers personas

– design mock-ups of the online store

– implementation based on a previously developed analyzes